Saturday, July 3, 2010

"Buckethat" Bobby Matheson

For a Canuck, "Buckethat" Bobby Matheson has a folksy down-home style that at times reminds me of Louisiana. Bobby always comes across as sincere and somehow strangely lovable.
"BucketHat" Bobby on YouTube
(P.S. Listen for the bonus verse at the end!)

Denise Hudson (RangerDenni)

Denise manages to turn this into a smokey piano-bar number. Great vocals and a great interpretation from the first female artist to cover "Today's the Day"!
Philosophy with Fries
Denise Hudson on YouTube

Emperor Gum

Who puts clarinet in a rock song? Well, you do, if you're Emperor Gum. This is a totally unique take on "Today's the Day", which Joe 'Covenant' Lamb describes as " like a George Martin production during the MagMystTour/Yellow Submarine phase!!"
Emperor Gum's Music Blog
Emperor Gum on YouTube

Jeff MacDougall

Wow! Jeff MacDougall did something completely different here! Not only did he bring in a nice, clean "doo-wop" sound, but he did all the recording on his iPhone! Insane? Not if you listen to it. This is AWESOME.
Jeff MacDougall's Website
Jeff MacDougall on YouTube

Kevin Savino-Riker

Kevin Savino-Riker brings a fresh Pop sound to his cover with excellent layered vocals and full band instrumentation. That's a lot of work, Kevin! Great!
Kevin Savino-Riker on YouTube

Joe 'Covenant' Lamb

Joe 'Covenant' Lamb shocked all listeners with this radical departure, re-imagined as a Celtic ballad in 3/4 time, accompanied by his ever-present bodhran. Genius!
Joe 'Covenant' Lamb on YouTube

Dr. Lindyke (Dave Leigh)

Having seen my preferred Broadway and piano rock styles already taken, I figured I'd switch instruments and do this on the guitar instead. So my version, based on the original lyrics... with allowances for my faulty memory... is Country/Western.
Dr. Lindyke's Blog
Dr. Lindyke on YouTube

Mike Lombardo

Mike Lombardo did a live cover of Edric Haleen's version. In contrast with Edric's theatrical version, Mike's cover is in his own "piano-rock" style.

Edric Haleen

Edric's is the first cover I saw of this song. It's very much in a "Broadway" theatrical style. Very nicely done! The sound is pretty low on this, so be prepared to turn up the volume (and turn it down again when you're done!)
Edric Haleen's Happiness Board.

Now having heard this I know you all wish you had the karaoke version.
Granted, thanks to Edric and SpinTown: