About this Song

It all started when Inverse T. Clown asked Edric Haleen to cover one of his songs and Edric chose "Today's the Day". Meanwhile, Inverse started asking more people if they'd do covers of it, too. Afterward, Travis Langworthy took up the cause of getting other people to cover this song and put this notice on his SpinTown blog:
Sunday, April 25, 2010
Today's The Day

Ok, here's the deal. I'm trying to get people to cover the song "Today's The Day" by Inverse T. Clown. Anyone who does a cover of this song will get to put a link onto my blog for 3 months. I'll link to your personal website, YouTube channel, MySpace page, Twitter or even some random site you want to support. A lot of people have already covered the song (videos & links below), and it's really interesting to see so many different takes on a song that is really....well....unknown by almost everyone. There are a few requirements if you want to get a link on my blog for 3 months:
There followed some restrictions, etc. In the intervening time the page got buried deeper and deeper, and instead of embedded video some of the songs were simply linked. So I expressed the possibility of putting up a separate domain for these covers, and since SpinTown didn't growl at me, I've done that. So here's the new deal, which is almost the same as the old one.

  1. Make a YouTube video of yourself covering the song. You should to be performing the song in the video, don't just lay a MP3 over a still image or another video. I may still post it if it's a still image, but I won't like it, and neither will the Clown. Put yourself out there. Get creative!
  2. Aw, who am I kidding? I'll probably embed an MP3 player if you send the MP3 to me. Just so you know, it will be hosted on Bandcamp.com for uniformity of the embedded player. Also send a nice-sized pic of yourself, cropped square at 700 x 700 pixels or better, so I can put that in the player. If you send me a link to raw video or audio, I will post it to YouTube or Bandcamp.
  3. Credit must be given to Inverse T. Clown of course with a link to his YouTube Channel. This is Creative Commons stuff, folks, so attribution is absolutely required, or you're violating copyright. Keep in mind that your cover will also be Creative Commons because it is derivative of ITC's song.
  4. I'd like you to reference this site in your video and/or put a link on the YouTube so listeners can see and hear other people's interpretations. Just throw a link to the blog's homepage in the video description. That's http://todaysthedaycovers.blogspot.com. If you've already shouted out to Spintown, don't worry, and don't change it. I think I'll put up a perma-link to him on this site.
  5. Whatever you want me to link to needs to be safe for work and not be riddled with spyware.
  6. The links will last as long as this website, or until you delete your vid. I'm NOT hosting your video, so if you delete it from YouTube, it's gone. For that matter, if you don't use YouTube, then make sure you're using something that provides a player that I can embed here.
  7. Every cover will get its own page.
The Original Song:
<a href="http://drlindyke.bandcamp.com/track/todays-the-day">Today's the Day! by Dr. Lindyke</a>

I had a dream last night
In which everything wrong in my life went right
And much to my surprise
It was a quick transition
It played out so vividly
That's it's hard to describe what it did to me
Suffice to say I took it
As a premonition

Today's the day I get a move on
Today's the day I change
Today's the day that I improve on
Who I am and everything I do:
Today's the day that I break up with you

Just stop and think about
All the times I gave in so that we'd work out
If you look at the score
I think I tip the balance
But you prob'ly think that's great
'Cause you take and you drain and manipulate
I guess every succubus
Is gonna have those talents

Today's the day that I get angry
Today's the day I fight
Today's the day that I harangue
The telling-off that's way past overdue:
Today's the day that I break up with you

Don't look at me like that
With your cute pouting lips and your big, sad eyes
You're pretty, but you're pretty much a bitch

It's time for you to see
That the world is the world universally
And nowhere does it say
That you can run my planet
So you take our history
And your need for control and co-misery
And brace yourself real good
Then go ahead and cram it

Today's the day that I'm the victor
Today's the day I win
Today's the day I do your sister
Here's a toast to starting life anew:
Today's the day that I wake up
It's time to say I've had enough
Today's the day that I break up with you